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#IncompletePortraits is an artistic, personalized, unique and universal product. Digitally and hand-drawn it’s the perfect gift to surprise


# Celebrate special dates;
# Redraw memories;
# Get in touch;
# Make the day of someone you cherish.

- Drawn by hand on satin paper. Photographed and redrawn digitally - our unique color is the pixel result.

- Laser printing on paper of PH neutral, acid free, light grain 180 g. or Creator 200g.

- Letter on parchment paper 120 g laser print.
Recycled cardboard tube packaging.

#IncompletePortraits is drawn from the picture you choose. The higher the quality of it, the more faithful the reproduction will be


- Choose the picture you want and upload it.

- Select the number of elements (people or animals) to draw.

- Select the format that you want to receive (Digital File-JPEG or DigitalJPEG File + Print A4 or A3).

- Add to your shopping cart and proceed to Checkout - If you want us to send directly to who will receive it, please provide us the name and address.

- Choose the payment method and shipping (free for regular mail).

After reviewing your order, it's done! Up to 10 working days, the #IncompletePortraits arrives at its’ destination!

By choosing A4 or A3 you will receive your #IncompletePortraits in high quality and laser print.

# Print of the Portrait *
# Link to download the digital JPEG file
# Port tube-Packaging desig
# Custom Lette
# Shipping **
*Except if the purchase is exclusively digital JPEG file.
** Regular Mail

If you want to add multiple memories in one and need to send more than one photo please upload other pictures to our dropbox below.

If you have not found what you want feel free to contact us via email:

Personalized gift perfect to surprise!


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